Sunday, June 7, 2009

the day after

Hello! It's the day after the craft fair, I'm still tired and sleepy, but I had sooooo much fun!! It was such a happy day :D The weather turned out really nice, except for the wind that almost blew my little products away. I had to attach everything, otherwise my clothes pins would end up all over the place, hihi. It wasn't really busy, but I did make a profit (hooray!) and received a lot of nice comments. My button rings and brooches for example sold pretty well, but most people didn't understand my happiness package.

I shared my booth with Isis du Jour so I didn't had to fill up 4 meters all by myself. Such a relief, no stress this time. And besides, it's much more fun than being alone :) Also talked to some other sellers which I really enjoyed. It's always nice to hear things from fellow crafters and talk about each others experiences. And I found someone to share a booth with at the next market in june, yay!

The market gave me also a lot of inspiration, motivation and confidence. I almost feel as if I'm on top of the world, how crazy is that? But I don't complain :D Today I'll take a day off, stay at home (it's going to rain anyway) and do only things I want to do. Ha, I think I deserved it!


  1. How can people not understand the happiness package? What's not to understand about it? It's happiness packed in a cute package...that should make everyone happy :)

    Glad the market went well! I can't wait for the one in September!

  2. Wow, leuk dat het een succes was! Lijkt me best spannend, om op zo'n markt te staan en de directe reacties van mensen op je werk te zien. Ik wil het binnenkort ook eens gaan doen... als ik een keer genoeg spullen gemaakt heb om een hele kraam te vullen!

  3. Wat ziet je kraampje er gezellig uit! Wat goed dat het een succes was. Ik ga nu ook voor het eerst een kraampje huren op de Sunday Market, spannend! Ik zie dat jij ook gaat...

  4. A friend bought one of your pincushions and some ribbon at this fair and brought them all the way back to San Francisco for me! I love them!!