Friday, June 5, 2009

red and white shopping

A while ago I went on a shopping trip with Maartje from Tizzalicious. We read each others blogs, share our first name and both looooove all things cute, so we thought 'why not go on a little shopping spree together?' I was slightly nervous, because I only had seen her once very briefly. But no need for worries, because we had such a great time! Finally I could talk to someone in real life about blogging, etsy, sellling your stuff, buying supplies and all those kind of things most people aren't interested in. And yes, we definitely do have the same taste :)

All my shopping seems to be concentrated on red and white. We both couldn't resist this apple cutting board (who else could?). I'm using it as a display, I don't want to cut in it :)

A cute card and a little polka dot pouch:
I even bought the same shoes as Maartje.... well not exactly the same, because mine are red and hers are blue :) They're so comfy and the red really makes me smile!

Obviously I had a lot of fun this day and Tizz: we should do it again! :D


  1. Will you use it for display on your market stalls? They'd look coola s you always use apples!

    Glad you both had fun :)

  2. We have such great taste :P

    I haven't used teh cuttingboard yet either, it's standing in my kitchen being pretty :P