Saturday, March 27, 2010

weekly happy stats

It was an unusual week: a busy weekend, no class, three days at my daily job, one day at my parents and one day at home cleaning all day. Pff, I'm still tired, but so satisfied. I loooooove it when everything is clean and organized, don't you?

Next week has to be good, because it's my birthday on friday, yay! Yes, I'm still a kid when it comes to birthdays :)

Oh, and to see the blog feature, go here! Thanks Caro!


  1. Clean and organised always makes me happy too! Although I hate the cleanign part! ;)
    Wowee, looking forward to a birthday is a happy thing too! Enjoy! :)
    Hope you didn't mind posting happy stats too - I just love it sooo much! :)

  2. Oh, you have birthday on lovley...yes enjoy it and thanks for your visits.It is so fine to stay in touch with you.I must to look to your onlineshop your handmade treasures...have a wonderful lazy sunday...and a great week...hugs...;)...

  3. Ooooh I am jealous that your house sounds so tidy and organized, mine is clean but too cluttered and I have picked up a few magazines hoping for the spring cleaning/decluttering inspiration to hit me but it hasn't struck me yet and my birthday is Saturday and I would love it to feel like your house! Happy birthday next week my fellow Aries!

  4. Hi!
    Your weekly happy stats inspired me to do some similar posting every sunday (I will start this sunday) in my blog!
    A great idea, I hope, it´s okay, that I will "follow your example". Sorry for my english :(
    Have a nice day!