Saturday, March 20, 2010

weekly happy stats

Hello there!

 Everything and everyone looked much happier this week 
because of the weather. So please spring, stay with us. 

In a couple of hours I have a screenprinting class. I'm so excited! 
See you!


  1. That's a nice, happy list of things! And screen printing class sounds fun too. Can't wait to see the results!

  2. yay. so many nice things this week! good for you. and NOW have a good and happy weekend as well!!

  3. My happy list:

    Buying a lot of buttons.


    Big decisions that are made are such a relief. I hope the result will give you joy!

  4. Screenprinting class sounds awesome! Let us know how it went!

  5. i really like the weekly happy stats. your blog is lovely - i`ll come back!