Saturday, March 13, 2010

weekly happy stats

This list wasn't difficult at all! Yesterday I had a much needed day off and all my planned activities went super smoothly. As a result I have a weekend to myself, yay. Most of my time however will be spend making new Etsy items, as someone bought almost my whole Etsy this week! Okay, my Etsy was super small, but still it was more than half.... :) And in about a week Etsy Goes Euro, so I need to prepare!! 

And now we're all going to listen to Tiger Lou, my new love <3


  1. Thank you!!!!

  2. wow. i heard about etsy goes euro but i didn't think of THAT. shoot... so... i need to prepare as well. holy moly... i'm excited now too!!

  3. Hello. Your blog and your cards are beautiful.
    I hope all goes well when Etsy goes Euro.
    Love Hannah xx

  4. wauw, wat super dat je zoveel hebt verkocht! en terecht! ;)

    ik ken tiger lou niet, eens even beluisteren...

    heerlijk he, dat zonnetje!

    veel liefs, Mila.

  5. oooh en over dat 'etsy goes europe'...ik wist daar niks van. eens even kijken wat dat dan inhoudt!
    klinkt goed in ieder geval...


  6. Een goede kapper gevonden... vertel!! x

  7. applepiepussy: in amsterdam (marnixstraat) :)