Saturday, January 30, 2010

weekly happy stats

And now I'm off to do lots of homework.... again!


  1. hello, I am doing the byw e-course with you ... I really like your happy weekly stats, it is very cute, did you create the design yourself ? I keep a "gratitude" journal which I fill in everyday ... it feels so good to be grateful and happy with little things in life :)

  2. hej,
    thanks for visit our yours very homework is finish for this week...but was not so easy to solve...i´m looking forward to next see us in class...lovley weekend...;)...cheers...

  3. hi,
    i'm a classmate as well. i really really like your weekly "things that make me happy" lists. i have such a list on my iphone :-) it really changes ones life once started.
    have a lovely day and keep on rockin!

  4. flowing moments: yes, I made the list myself.