Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new project for the new year

Project number one for 2010: 
crocheting a granny square blanket. 

This is actually on my list for ages (haha, almost embarrasing!), but now I really want to get myself started. After some research I decided on the colours: the main colour will be a bit off-white. I teared out the picture above from a magazine and keep it as an example, I absolutely love it! It's by the way made by Wood & Wool Stool.

Now I'm putting several colours together to see how they look like and then I just should get started I guess :)


  1. Goodluck! I hope to finish my blanket this year too! :)

  2. Haha nou ik wens je veel succes!!
    Ik heb een amigurumi boek gehad voor de kerst maar ik kom er nog niet echt uit :S

  3. I've made a jacket in this technique many years ago. In my young years hehe... should take it out of the closet and wear it sometimes. It's a bit heavy - I used cotton.

  4. I just finished mine so... good luck! Love those colours...

  5. exactly what I want to do too!!! I adore these crocheted blankets :-)

  6. I was lucky. At christmas I've discovered that my boyfriend's grandmother made such a blanket for him yeeeaaaaars ago. But a black version instead of a white one. And now it is at our place. *Happy me*

    Just discovered your blog! love it.