Thursday, November 12, 2009

some autumn love

It's true!

Not sure if I can say this very loud,
but I think autumn is much better than summer...


  1. That is really cute!

    I used to prefer summer, but this year I love autumn. It's so cosy, whearas summer is often just wet & colder than you want, or too hot. In autumn at least you know what to expect!

  2. Agreed! BUt only when it's not raining :)

  3. I agree too, autumn is so lovely!
    So scream it out loud :)!

  4. Yes you may! I agree!! But summer has it's good moments too....actually I like all seasons. But autumn is the most special one :)

    (I must say I started to like autumn a lot more since I own a car....just to survive the really rainy moments)

  5. I finally found someone who feels the same. Yay Autumn! (It might also have something to do with my birhtday) ;-)