Thursday, November 19, 2009

oh no!

My favourite bag is falling apart, so sad.


  1. Oh no! That's terrible! Can't you save him (a little bit)?

  2. That truly is a sad moment in bagworld :(
    Luckily girls always have ten other bags to comfort themselves with...hurrah for bags! ^-^

  3. niet leuk, maar een tas die uiteenvalt is zeker je favoriet geweest, en goed gebruikt.

  4. op zoek naar een nieuwe favoriet :)

  5. Hoi hoi!
    Ik heb vandaag een blog award gekregen en zou hem graag aan
    jou door willen geven :). De button en details staan op mijn
    blog :), hope you like!
    Liefs Nikki

  6. Cute blog! I love that "things of blue" collage that you made. I want to see more of those.

  7. yay, i'm glad you liked the award.
    I haven't been a veggie for long,
    only since recently. I have read so
    much about the meat industry and
    abuse that I couldn't even look
    at meat anymore. So..I ordered the
    veggiebible on :) and just
    started it. I must say I really
    like not eating meat anymore!
    And the 'oosterse wok blokjes' from
    the 'albert heijn' are very tasty!