Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last week I had a little meeting with Miho from Sakatodesign. She's a graphic designer from Tokyo, but was in Holland to visit Dutch designers for her upcoming book. And hooray, in her busy schedule their was some time to drink coffee together. Her hotel was almost near my home. Having a real conversation was a bit hard as her English wasn't that good and obviously my Japanese isn't that fluent either (haha), but with pictures, a notebook, maps and a book we'd managed. She brought me this cute gift: yummy Japanese candies and some of her stickers.

It was a bit strange and almost surreal to meet someone unknown from Japan so suddenly, but it also gave me inspiration. Her style is great, I love to browse through her blogs and she amazed me with her knowlegde of Holland. So after I dropped her at her hotel I jumped on my bike with a big smile :)


  1. You're Japanese isn't fluent? Lol.
    Sounds like a very interesting meetup.
    Oh, remembering now, still got ot answer your email! Going now!

  2. Wat leuk dat je Miho hebt ontmoet, ze was hier in Rotterdam voor een paar dagen ( met tolk:-) erg gezellig!!