Tuesday, April 28, 2009

inspiration where are you?

Why is inspiration always coming at the wrong moments?! Today I had a whole day off and instead of making new items, updating my blog and etsy, I spent it sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket with a pile of books and magazines next to me. And now when it's almost bedtime I have a burst of inspiration and tons of ideas.... and feel I have wasted my day. But maybe this is just what a little holiday is for: relaxing and do whatever you want to.

My best ideas seem to pop up at night too, or at work when your shift just started :) Is this familiar to anyone of you?

I do have a highlight of the day though: I sold two of my apple clothes pin sets, yaay \o/ And now I ran out of these cute apple buttons :)


  1. I get ideas at the strangest times too. And when I sit with my beads and charms in front of me they dissapear. Aaargh.

  2. Heeeeeel herkenbaar! Bij mij komt het ook altijd 's nachts of (liever nog) op een moment dat ik het super-super-super druk heb met opdrachten en bestellingen...

  3. This is EXACTLY what happens to me.

    For the night time thoguhts I keep a notebook by the bed!