Friday, April 24, 2009


My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but I still have some photos to show you.

It all started with these cupcakes. I made three different kinds: chocolate, oatmeal-apricot and carrot-walnut. They turned out really well!

My boyfriend took me out on a birthday date. At first we went on a little shopping trip which he set out himself (no kidding!). We visited some of my favourite stores: Lush, Egg Mercantile and Studio Bazar where I picked some lovely presents. In the afternoon we had a chocolate fondue, saw a movie and ended up eating some great Greek vegetarian food. Aww, so sweet, it was such a nice day ♥

Some baking/kitchen supplies: really small cake pans, paper straws and probably the cutest cupcake liners I've ever seen!

I also received 'Vegan with a vengeance', a vegan cookbook which I wanted for a long time. I haven't made the recipes yet, but they sound delicious.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day!

  2. Nog gefeliciteerd! ^-^
    Dus jou vriend heeft wél het vermogen een aantrekkelijke winkelroute uit te stippelen? Mijn wederhelft en shoppen zijn in de verste verte geen goede vrienden: hij is de jongen die je aan het begin van de pashokjes op zn mobiel zit sms'en of voor de winkel wat leegjes voor zich uit staart :P

  3. noni: aha, dus dat is nou jouw vriend ;)

  4. Gefeliciteerd nog! En wat een coole cupcakes!! Ik krijg er enorme trek van :)