Saturday, January 31, 2009

weekly happy stats

It's saturday, my favourite day of the week! I'm always in a good mood on saturday and to add some extra happiness I present you my weekly happy stats! :) Just because I absolutely love making lists and to remember all the little things that happened but you always tend to forget.


  1. The bread baking class must've been fun!
    btw, cute blog!!!

  2. Oooh... freshly baked bread! I can just smell it!

    Lovely list!

  3. i love your site and want you to know I've been visiting and want to make sure I start commenting so maybe wee can visit eachother (virtually) with comments since your site is one of my happy things! I hope I can be this for you too!

  4. Dat ziet er uit als een fijne week. Breng de volgende keer even een paar verse broodjes langs!