Sunday, January 25, 2009


The whole world seems to be on Twitter for ages, but now I finally signed up too! Only one update, but hey it's a start :) I still have to figure out how and what, and need to do some searching for people to follow! What do you think of Twitter, like it or not? And what do you use it for? I see a lot of people announcing etsy updates on Twitter, so maybe that's a good idea.

Something totally different: lovely writing paper I bought recently.
It looks like wood!

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  1. Twitter is really good, like quick-fire blogging!

    Alot of people in the UK have just signed up, because Jonathan Ross (TV presenter who was suspended for a few months) is back on TV and on his first chat show, he talked with Stephen Fry about Twitter.

    Make sure you mix up your Etsy announcements with other things, otherwise it gets boring :o)

    I am following you now!!