Wednesday, December 10, 2008

first sale!

Yay, I just sold my first item on Etsy!

At first I didn't understand the email, but then I realized someone actually bought something... From me! Oh my, I was so happy I did a little dance behind my computer :)
I sold these mini clothes pins:

I was planning to go to bed, but now I'm way too excited!
Today at work (well, I was supposed to work) I was suddenly a bit overwhelmed by Etsy and was wondering how on earth I would make myself visible in this large community. So this first sale is perfectly timed and gives me a little bit more confidence.

By the way, you may notice I have two sales in my profile, but the first one was a test sale. I bought something from myself to see what happened :)


  1. congratulations!!! The first sale is so exciting, your items are adorable and that helps!

  2. Well done! It's a great feeling isn't it?! I think the key is to make an online presence through flickr, myspace, twitter... blogging... there are lots of ways! But don't just leave it up to Etsy buyers to find you because, like you said, there is an overwhelming amount of stuff on there :o)

  3. Those are absolutely adorable. Congrats on selling them.

  4. Yay! That feeling is so wonderful, isn't it?! I'm on sale 93 and still get excited when someone buys!