Sunday, June 5, 2011

my week in three pictures

Where did time go?
I almost forgot about my blog, 
but here are some nice things from last week.

 My tiny garden!

 Now that I don't have to go to my graphic design class 
I'm visiting a lot of exhibitions.
Friday I went to a gallery to see drawings by Henri Jacobs.
He makes a drawing EVERY day. It looks so cool together.

A belated birthday gift (from etsy).
It should help me when I'm stuck :)

> a Beatles compilation my boyfriend made for me
> homemade granola bars (granola is my number 1 addiction!)

Have a nice week!


  1. Wat leuk en lief van vriend
    een Beatles compilatie.
    Goeie week!

  2. Wat een geweldig schilderijtje zeg!

  3. Ik weet dat je geen kookblog hebt.... maar ik ben toch wel heel nieuwsgierig naar het recept voor je muesli repen :D