Sunday, August 1, 2010

berlin eating

As you might know my boyfriend and I are vegan. Sometimes this is a problem when eating outside, but not in Berlin! This is by far the most vegan friendly city I know. It made me extremely happy to see so many places offering a vegan option. From vegan fast food and cheese to ice cream and iced coffees, we had it all! 

a soya latte, I had a lot of these!

Cafe Vux, a vegan lunchrooom

with the most delicious pie

Hans Wurst

some 'cream cheese' bagels
and a vanilla-strawberry cupcake!


  1. wow, the picture wall in that cafe is a dream!

    hope, you really had a good time in berlin - it sounds like that...

  2. Oh yum, ziet er goed uit allemaal!

  3. Wauw! Prachtige foto's. Je proeft de sfeer! En die soja latte, yummie! ^_^

  4. Ziet er superlekker uit allemaal! Prachtige foto's ook, goed gedaan. Heb nu ook veel zin om naar Berlijn te gaan :)

  5. great meals...and beautiful pics ♥

  6. oooohhhh my martje. i wasn't aware. now that i'm in the middle of my detoxing - which is vegan - i have NO clue how you manage to do that. i have no problem at all not to eat meat. but no eggs? no milk? holy cow! i couldn't manage and you must be disciplined as hell. wow. you go girl!