Saturday, May 1, 2010

weekly happy stats : busy bee

This week was a bit stressful, so needless to say I'm pretty relieved it's over. And from now on I have a week off from work! Yippee, how nice! Although it won't be a quiet week at home I'm looking forward to it. I'll visit my family for a couple of days, go see this exhibition, and as usual I already made a list of activities I want to do (crafting! photographing! practicing my graphic design lessons! cooking recipes!).

I wonder... will I ever be able to sit down without thinking about all the things I should / want to do? My boyfriend just sits in a chair reading for days and days, but that would make me restless. Does this sound familiar, anyone? :)

Anyway, at the end of the holiday I know I'm nowhere near finishing my list. But that's okay. Or at least, it should be...


  1. Ik heb dat ook zo vaak. Dat ik zoveel tegelijk wil doen dat ik uiteindelijk nergens aan toekom :p Daarom moet het weekend ook een dag langer zijn zodat je meer tijd hebt om in te plannen.

    Veel plezier in het van abbe!

  2. yes, it definitely sounds familiar,
    my restless head is always so full of ideas...
    My partner can just sit down and do noting at all, oh how I wish I was able to do that, ....

  3. yes to me too.. I don't know how to canalize my ideas into real things because I have too many.. but today I finally finalized one :)

  4. Fijne vakantie!

    En het is inderdaad herkenbaar. Mr.Licious is luuui en doet het liefste niks, en ik wil altijd van alles doen, vooral als het mooi weer is!

  5. I am totally with you Maartje! I love making lists soo much...I could never just sit and read :) I am really jealous of people who are able to do that... enjoy the show! Vanabbemuseum is one of the places I love most!