Saturday, April 17, 2010

weekly happy stats : a very strange dream

Good morning!

Yep, number 5 is a bit strange, but it really did happen: I dreamt about an octopus in my bedroom and when I woke up I really thought there was one somewhere near... I was about to make my boyfriend go search with me when I realized it was just a dream. Pfew, I was SO scared :D

Anyway it's weekend! What are you going to do? My weekend will be fully devoted to creativity I think (I hope). I have a big homework assignment for my graphic design class, want to make a moodboard, practice photography, work on mamutopia etc. etc. But first I'll go swimming, do my groceries and make my huge to-do list so I won't forget anything!

Oh and something else: I noticed other people are doing happy stats too and of course that's fine. Feel free to play along! Artmind's Mitsy (check out her blog too!) suggested I should use Mr Linky to keep track of all the stats. To be honest I'm not a fan of these features as I want my blog as clean as possible :) Ah well, I'll see, maybe next week?

Happy weekend!

And thanks for the comments on my calender... much appreciated :)


  1. I had strange dreams too this week.
    I'll be looking forward to tommorrow when I go to a National art contest and today I'll galivant around the house doing this and that.

  2. Haha,
    fun story about the octopus,
    but I canimagine you were very scared!
    do you know that I once had a fight, in the middle of the night with my partner in our bed because I thought he was a thief :))

    enjoy your creative weekend!

  3. yes :P mister linky would be cool :P

  4. Hey, thank you for the link to my blog! So nice! :))) Perhaps the octopus you dreamed of was one of those on the fabric for my new bag? :) It will take some more time to finish it, but as soon as possible you can see it in my blog :) have a nice creatice weekend! FROLLEINschnieke

  5. ha ha ..your octopus dream made me chuckle!