Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Etsy, I'm still there!

A while ago I decided to close my Etsy. Mainly because 1) I was too busy to put effort in it and 2) my own products didn't satisfy me anymore. This decision wasn't too hard as my Etsy wasn't that succesful anyway :) But last weekend I finally started making things again. I ended up with a couple of button sets and I thought it would be nice to put these in my little shop, just as a start or something. And now I have the smallest Etsy shop ever! I kind of like it...


  1. :) I like them! :) but I'm wondering how they look on the back.. is there a pin?

  2. awww...don't close your shop. I really love your things. They will do great in Etsy, trust me. Just make more art and keep adding them. 22 sales is not bad at all!!

  3. I la-la-la-like it! These looks so special. Great work! Hey, Maartje, now I'm your teammate! Yes. Feels good, to have someone there, I "know" ... Greets from caro!