Wednesday, August 26, 2009

supply shopping spree

Last friday I was allowed to go on a supply shopping trip, because I ran out of a couple of essential things. I went to this market in my home town (for the Dutchies: Albert Cuyp) and came home extremly happy ^_^ Found some lovely gingham fabric, felt, polka dot ribbon, cute needles and....buttons!! Okay, I wasn't exactly looking for buttons, but I bumped into an offer I couldn't resist: a whole tube full of buttons for only 1 euro!! Aaah, can you imagine? There were lots of ugly ones, but I managed to find four:

and I also adopted these (they begged: 'take us home, pleasssse?' ):


  1. Die groene op dat kaartje zijn cute. En de albert Kuyp is altijd fijn shoppen.

  2. Ohh, super! I love the red buttons - I'm not surprised they screamed at you! :)

  3. Oooh nice! Die met de stipjes en bloemetjes...!!