Saturday, July 11, 2009

still alive?

The last weeks I've been neglecting my 'online life' a bit. All my days were spent working in the library and cleaning & organizing everything at home. And I really mean everything: from buttons and fabric to kitchen stuff and clothes. It's almost a little tradition to do this before my summer holiday starts and since I'm leaving for Paris in exactly one week I had to work really hard. But now I can officially announce I'm finished! Hooray, I think I'm the most satisfied person on earth right now :)

But there was more:

Oh and I also ate a lot of cherries ♥


  1. Aaah, doesn't it feel good being completely organized?

    Wooo, have fun in Paris!

  2. Oh, i've been eating a lot of cherries too!

    How wonderful that you will be going on a trip to Paris! Wishing you lots of fun!