Monday, May 25, 2009

must-see-monday: leuke kunst

This must-see-monday is a little bit special, because it's my own colleague!

When looking for someone to feature today I suddenly realized I have an artist in my office only a couple of meters away :) It so much fun to have another crafty person around you, so needless to say I'm quite happy we're working in the same place! My colleague draws the most friendly monsters, the coolest sharks and the cutest bears. Meet for instance this rain lover:

He and his wife have an atelier called 'Leuke Kunst ('Happy Fun Art'). They draw and paint a lot, even on surfboards! There are so many different designs and the best is, you're able to buy almost all of them printed on a t-shirt! The treebirds are my favourite:
They also started this great initiative 'Doe lief' (or in English 'Hug the world'). You know I'm all about happy little things, so it's no surprise I absolutely love the idea behind it. Hug the world is all about being kind to each other and making the world a little bit happier by spreading posters like these:

Wouldn't the streets look more friendly with all these posters around you? It definitely would make me smile :) Download your own poster here or here and put it on your window!

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